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Where Is ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 Being Filmed?

(Spoilers for The White Lotus will be found below.)

The White Lotus is back, baby. This means that we’re witnessing a whole new host of rich people problems, which satirically involves people being miserable in paradise. The first episode set up various competing interludes starring Aubrey Plaza (whose character hates Ted Lasso) and Theo James (who can’t keep his pants on), and of course, we’ve already seen the aftereffects of a murder. We know that this obviously isn’t suitcase pooper Armond’s bod floating around at a new resort, but let’s talk about the new location. Where are the collective bouts of malaise and the mid-sex freakouts from Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya taking place?

The story goes down at another lavish resort in Sicily, which is stacked with both locals and visitors alike. And the filming, thankfully for the cast, took place on location, rather than within a stand-in venue. Via Time Out, production went down at a Four Seasons resort, San Domenico Palace in Taormina (on the island’s east coast). Centuries ago, this actually used to be a convent, which is wild, given that nuns apparently got to enjoy some of the best views in paradise.

The San Domenico Palace provides sweeping views of the Ionian Sea — the better to showcase that floating body in the season’s opening moments — as well as Mount Etna. The Four Seasons website details the property’s predictably expensive rates, which range from over $500 per night for a basic room to several thousands. That’s only part of what one should expect to pay for the Four Seasons label, but guests do receive plentiful amenities, including those sweeping views, multiple restaurants, and access to local wines, along with bars and an infinity pool.

Most of us will never be able to swing this kind of vacation. However, we can now watch the idly wealthy characters of The White Lotus fail to enjoy their trip. This season, the supporting cast includes F. Murray, Abraham, Michael Imperioli, and Haley Lu Richardson, and the show now dominates Sunday night HBO following the House of the Dragon season finale. Salute!

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