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‘The White Lotus’ Took A Swing At ‘Ted Lasso’ And Sparked Some Strong Reactions

Sometime over the last two years, Ted Lasso went from being a fan-favorite wholesome show about sports (who would have thought that “wholesome” and “sports” could be so linked?) to a somewhat polarizing show. Maybe it’s because of the way certain characters evolved, or maybe it’s because of the way a certain actor allegedly acts, but the show seems to bring up a lot of conflicting emotions for people. You either love it or you don’t care at all. Which is better than everyone hating it altogether, right?

On the new season of The White Lotus, a new round of vacationing guests, played by Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe, Meghann Fahy, and Theo James, bring up the series during a lull in the conversation. “We love Ted Lasso!” Daphne (played by Fahy) says. “So likable right?” Plaza’s character Harper flatly responds, “I don’t watch Ted Lasso.”

The interaction seemed to resonate a lot with people who have been in similar situations with various family members or friends on vacation. Or people who just do not enjoy Ted Lasso. Both can be true!

Meanwhile, Ted Lasso fans were not happy with the line, saying that it tried a bit too hard to be relatable. But people did relate…so it worked!

However you feel about either show, one thing is true: Aubrey Plaza is a gift to the world and should be utilized to start more fandom wars.

The White Lotus airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.