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Adam Kinzinger Offered A Crisp Assessment Of Why His Own Republican Party Has Become What It’s Become: ‘We’re Just Surrounded By Cowards’

It’s rare a member of the Republican Party speaks sense when interviewed by the press but Representative Adam Kinzinger broke that mold a bit this week when he dragged his fellow GOP buddies for being a bunch of conspiracy-peddling cowards.

Kinzinger went on MSNBC to talk about the recent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, that took place in the couple’s California home. The attacker broke into the Pelosi’s residence in the middle of the night and beat Mr. Pelosi with a hammer, causing serious injury. The man was reportedly looking for the Speaker of the House during the attack and has a history of promoting bizarre conspiracy theories and racism online. While chatting with MSNBC, Kinzinger called out his fellow Republicans who have failed to condemn these far-right groups.

“Liz [Cheney] and I are not courageous. There’s no strength in this. We’re just surrounded by cowards,” Kinzinger said while name-checking one of the only other Republican reps who have spoken out against Pelosi’s attacker. “In complete contrast to cowardism, it looks like courage when it’s just your bare duty.”

Kinzinger also took to social media to air his grievances with members of the GOP who have been more than happy to promote division amongst voters with their whacko conspiracies — looking at you Marjorie Taylor Greene.

It sounds like there might be one Republican in Congress who actually has a moral compass. Who would’ve guessed?