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Drew Barrymore Twerks And Julia Fox Weighs In On The Male Anatomy In The New ‘Ziwe’ Trailer

Ziwe Fumudoh never lets anything slide, and her guests know this before making their appearances. Presumably, this includes Chet Haze, whose cringeworthy appearance included his unapologetic face-plant due to him declaring that his cultural appropriation was no big thing. This followed a disastrous Andrew Yang appearance and a ukulele-smashing Phoebe Bridgers, so don’t expect anything standard from this variety series.

Part 2 of the show’s Season 2 shall soon arrive, and expect more awkward-as-hell conversations from the likes of Drew Barrymore, Julia Fox, Michael Che (who’s recently been controversial on his HBO Max show), Wayne Brady, Bob The Drag Queen, and Blake Griffin. Activist DeRay Mckesson will also be onboard with his signature blue vest and should be a highlight of this season on the hard-hitting front. On a lighter note, this trailer features Drew Barrymore, who’s discussing “freedom” and giving her best twerking moves, and Julia Fox, who’s free from Kanye West and discussing how men “shouldn’t even have penises.” That should go over well.

Notably, Ziwe’s a former Desus & Mero writer who’s still kicking on Showtime despite that other show heading into the sunset. And it looks like she’s still having a blast.

Showtime’s Ziwe returns on November 18 (by way of streaming) and November 20 (old-fashioned-like on the TV schedule).