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Aubrey Plaza Shared The ‘Greatest’ Acting Advice From John C. Reilly And, Yes, It Involves A Bodily Function

With The White Lotus Season 2 in full swing (Theo James pun intended), Aubrey Plaza and Jennifer Coolidge are making the promotional rounds as their characters, new and returning respectively, get embroiled in the show’s psychosexual mystery. While talking to IMDb On the Scene, the two were asked if they have any acting superstitions to go along with this season’s theme of “bad omens and mythology.” Turns out, Plaza does have a little quirk that she picked up from John C. Reilly, and it’s apparently been very helpful but maybe not always practical.

You know, John C. Reilly gave me the greatest advice for acting, which is always pee first before you do the scene. Never do a scene where you have to pee, because somewhere in the back of your mind you’re going to be just slightly affected by the impulse to want to pee yourself. I demand to pee before every performance and at every intermission! I hate myself…

As for Coolidge, she shot down a playful rumor that she sleeps with a script hanging above her head. Instead, she’s found that the best acting trick for her isn’t an empty bladder. It’s age.

“You know what is true is that there’s something cool about knowing when you’re older that you can’t really control it,” Coolidge said. “And I feel like that’s the best thing that you have going for you.”

The White Lotus airs new episodes Sunday on HBO.

(Via IMDb on YouTube)