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Mau Y Ricky Surprised An Audience In Mexico City In Their ‘Llorar Y Llorar’ Video Featuring Carin León

Mau y Ricky released a new live video for their latest hit “Llorar y Llorar” on Monday (October 31). The Venezuelan superstars surprised an audience in Mexico City with a pop-up performance featuring local singer Carin León.

Mau y Ricky are the sons of Argentine pop icon Ricardo Montaner. Since breaking out in 2018 with “Mi Mala,” the brothers have become stars in their own right. In the past few years, they have collaborated with artists like Karol G, Becky G, and Leslie Grace. “Llorar y Llorar” marks their first song in the regional Mexican music genre with León.

Mau y Ricky first released “Llorar y Llorar” back in May. Their heart-wrenching duet with León has become one of their biggest hits. On Spotify, the song has amassed over 58 million streams. The original music video that features them in a bar León has over 49 million views on YouTube.

Back in July, Mau y Ricky did an impromptu performance of the song in Mexico City. The duo showed up announced to Alameda Central Park with a live band and León. As soon as Mau y Ricky started playing the song, the park became flooded with people trying to catch a glimpse of their performance. They finally released the video of that moving performance to YouTube for the world to enjoy.

“Llorar y Llorar” will be included in Mau y Ricky’s upcoming project Desgenerados. They will also appear in the upcoming Disney+ docuseries The Montaners alongside their father Ricardo and their brother-in-law, Colombian singer Camilo. The five-part series will start streaming on Disney+ on November 9.