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An Unhinged Mike Lindell Is Swearing That He’s Got ‘Cyber Guys’ Who Can See ‘Inside’ All The Midterm Voting Machines

Mike Lindell’s one-sided war against voting machines is still going strong and his latest offensive tactic seems to be *checks notes* violating privacy rights at the polls.

In a truly weird flex, the MyPillow founder claimed that he planned to station watchers and cameras at every voting site in every county to ensure the upcoming midterm elections would be fair and accurate. Now, this isn’t the first time the pillow czar has tried to influence the current election process. He previously demanded that members of MAGA nation show up and vote on the day of the midterms to “overrun the algorithms,” whatever the hell that means. But, this is the most bizarre rant he’s launched so far regarding the far-right’s efforts to monitor our electoral process because they’re still sore that Donald Trump lost the presidential election two years ago.

“We are watching from every angle,” Lindell screamed at his co-host Brannon Howse during a recent taping of his show. “There’s people in every state, every county, every precinct. They might think you can’t look and see what’s going on inside that black box but we can. We have cyber guys watching this.”

Lindell apparently employs quite a few “cyber guys,” but so far none have been able to help him prove voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election … or guarantee people will actually attend his ridiculous “Cyber Symposiums.”

“This election, it’s all eyes. We have all the camera angles,” Lindell continued as Howse struggled to get a word in. “Maybe this time around the judges and the left media and even the right media, Fox News and Newsmax will actually report if [there are] machines involved in this election to steal another election.”

From there Lindell descended into a tirade about Fox News’ reporting practices, aggressively questioning the host who sort-of laughed along with a conspiracy-loving pillow magnate. Brannon, blink twice if you’re okay.