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Yves Tumor Is Resurrected From The Dead In Their Haunting Video For ‘God Is A Circle’

Yves Tumor has shared a frightening new video. For their latest single, “God Is A Circle,” Tumor is removed from their grave, and wreaks havoc throughout the town, in the Jordan Hemingway-directed video for the song.

Early on in the song, they ponder their existence, singing, “Sometimes It feels like there’s places in my mind that I can’t go / There’s people in my life I still don’t know, yeah / Wander ’round I just feel like a ghost in a well” in the song’s opening.

They continue this theme, later singing “Sometimes it feels like there’s pieces of my heart that I can’t show / There’s parts of me I still don’t even know yet / I wander ’round I just feel like a nobody,” by way of chilling, haunting, and brooding vocals.

Tumor collaborated with Hemingway several times over the course of his career. For a New York Times profile on Tumor, Hemingway said of his longtime friend, “Yves Tumor is the rock star of our generation. The way he acts, that’s something that’s not taught.”

Tumor also shouted out Hemingway in an Instagram post.

“Makes me beyond emotional and honored to be able to work with such brilliant and aggressively talented people,” Tumor said of Hemingway and crew in the post’s caption.

Check out the video for “God Is A Circle” above.