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Kim Kardashian Originally Wasn’t Allowed To Wear Marilyn Monroe’s Dress (That She May Or May Not Have ‘Ruined’)

One of the year’s biggest (and silliest) scandals, along with James Corden v. Balthazar and the Don’t Worry Darling rumors, is whether Kim Kardashian “literally ruined” Marilyn Monroe’s dress after wearing it to the Met Gala. There are conflicting stories, but all the drama surrounding the iconic outfit was nearly prevented, as Kardashian revealed on Hulu’s The Kardashians.

During the episode, appropriately titled “What’s More American Than Marilyn Monroe?,” Kardashian explained the steps she took before trying on the famous gown. “If this does not fit me, I can’t even try the original,” she said about a replica of the dress. “So I’ve Googled her measurements, I’m looking at my measurements. The width of my shoulders and my body makes me like a shapeshifter. I can squeeze into anything.” Including the duplicate, which was good news for Kardashian; if it didn’t fit, her backup plan was that “I’ll be in my SKIMS pajamas, at home, eating.”

As for the actual dress…

At lunch with her sisters Khloé and Kourtney, Kim gave them an update — the real dress came, and it didn’t fit at all. “They just pulled the whole thing from me. And I’m fuming,” she said. Footage showed Kim trying on the actual dress, and it was a bit of a contrast to the prototype that had gotten her so excited.

“When I went to put it on it wouldn’t even go on over my hips, and I was just like devastated,” she told her sisters. In the clip, she talked to her team, saying, “You know what, I’ll try everything, and if I really get 10 pounds down, then we’ll try it again.”

Kardashian wrote the owners of the dress a “groveling, begging email,” but “they were very firm. I just found that out today, so I’m devastated.” She was determined, however, and after eating “so clean and so perfect” for three weeks and a Rocky-like montage of working out, Kardashian was allowed to be Marilyn — for five minutes.

Kim should have worn this instead.


Pete (and Guy Fieri) would have liked it, at least.

(Via People)