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Pinch Yourself: ‘Sandman’ Has Been Renewed At Netflix For Season 2

Just as Morpheus returns every 100 years to The Tavern of the White Horse, Sandman will return to Netflix for a second season (and it won’t take a century to see it). This is truly joyful news, especially after a bogus Twitter account claimed that the show had been cancelled just a few days ago.

It’s probably hard to fool the guy who knows whether his show is coming back or not. For good measure, DC Comics tweeted about the show coming back only to delete the tweet, sending some mixed messages. This announcement brings fans out of the hellscape of uncertainty and into the hellscape where Gwendoline Christie rules.

With the Tom Sturridge-starring series coming back, there are two natural directions to go. The first is to cover the events of “The Doll’s House,” which is its own epic, potentially season-long arc. The second is to keep pushing on the intrigue of “the prodigal” — another sibling of the endless who has abandoned their post.

There’s no word yet on which direction they’ll go, but it’s an easy guess that Vivienne Acheampong and Patton Oswalt should return as Lucienne and Matthew the Raven respectively. Fingers are crossed as tightly as possible for Kirby Howell-Baptiste to come back as Death, and, if we’re all good little boys and girls, maybe they’ll even have room for a Johanna Constantine spin-off special episode starring Jenna Coleman.

For now? PHEW. Time to rewatch the first season again.

(via Deadline)