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Tilda Swinton Plays Her Own Mother In An Exquisite Ghost Story In ‘The Eternal Daughter’ Trailer

It is time for Joanna Hogg superfans (Hoggheads) to rejoice, because the trailer for the delicately, aggressively haunting The Eternal Daughter is a stunner that promises a hellacious film. It stars Tilda Swinton and Tilda Swinton as a middle-aged daughter and elderly mother returning to the former family home that’s now a hotel filled more with dusty stories of regret than customers. The only thing disappointing about this trailer is that it says “Coming Soon” at the end instead of giving us a date we can circle in red on the calendar.

The trailer for the A24 film looks gorgeous and moody, taking place in a mansion that apparently never sees daylight. Plus, the concept of visiting your home as a stranger, a visitor, is its own kind of existential terror even without the antique spooky vibes. The film has scored major praises after runs on the festival circuit both for Hogg’s writing and Swinton’s double dose of acting prowess. Is it possible for the same actor to be double Oscar nommed for the same movie? Let’s make that happen!

Also, if you were wondering about the man absolutely nailing that centerpiece monologue — it’s Shakespearean stage star and frequent-murder-mystery-show-character actor Joseph Mydell.

The Eternal Daughter hits theaters…soon. Some time! Hopefully very soon. Inject it right into our veins, A24.