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‘The Sandman’ Fans Are Living The ‘Dream’ After A Nail-Biting Wait For More Of The Endless From Netflix

Neil Gaiman fans really are living the “Dream” these days. Not only will Amazon’s Good Omens return in 2023, but we also received an official announcement for Netflix’s The Sandman Season 2. This is obviously a peachy-keen development on any level but even moreso due to Gaiman’s frank admissions that Netflix was cautiously considering algorithm-related matters before green lighting the return of a very expensive series despite it being “the top show in the world” for weeks.

Fortunately, the much-wanted goodness did arrive, and that means that we’ll see more of Dream/Morpheus, Desire, Death (with a slightly tweaked and breathtaking take on the character from Kirby Howell-Baptiste), and the rest of The Endless (also with Delirium!). This is a gift and even more so than the hot-dropped bonus episode that features one of my favorite The Sandman stories, “Calliope.”

No firm release date (or even month) or episode detailing exists as of yet, but let’s just say that Neil Gaiman must be thrilled to see the demise of woke-fail predictions from trolls. Fans of the DC/Vertigo comic responded in kind with memes and excitement.

And this one isn’t a timely reaction, but I still like it.

As well, the third installment of The Sandman on Audible is available for the taking. The twin productions have been a long time (i.e. decades) coming for fans, but sometimes, the old adage rings true: good things, those who wait, and so on.

The Sandman‘s full first season (with bonus episode) is currently streaming on Netflix.