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Lauren Boebert Unintentionally Did Her Best ‘The Daily Show’ Correspondent Act After A Hometown Paper Called Her Out As ‘Toxic’

Rootin’ tootin’ Lauren Boebert sits in a precarious place ahead of next week’s midterm elections. Her Democratic opponent, the relatively unknown Adam Frisch, has achieved a statistical tie in Colorado’s 3rd district, and only a few days remain between now and November 7. Boebert seems to be kind-of pleased, however, at how The Denver Post, which is east of most Boebert territory, penned a scathing op-ed to implore voters to pick Frisch or basically anyone else. Maybe a write-in candidate? That might create a bigger mess, but here’s part of what the publication wrote about the incumbent candidate, who the paper called out for investing “time and efforts contributing to the toxic political environment in this nation”:

“We grieve that this is who represents our great state in Congress — a state known for our moderate positions and our policy-first approach to politics. Rejecting all Boebert has come to represent — angry rants without offering real solutions — is important for the 3rd Congressional District, Colorado and this great nation.”

Not flattering stuff, but it fired up Boebert enough to hit the streets and ask Republicans what they thought of this newspaper. Unsurprisingly, the responders seem cherry-picked, but that’s politics for ya. Boebert repeats herself plenty of times with the words “toxic and dangerous,” and let’s just say that she’s no Jordan Klepper, but she is pulling off a parody of a satire by unintentionally vibing like a The Daily Show correspondent.

Consider the Libs owned?

Earlier this week, Boebert also went into Rifle Republican mama mode while delivering a taxation lesson involving Halloween, although she probably lost some points raging against “lesbian dance theory” for whatever reason.

Get out there and vote on November 7, y’all.

(Via Denver Post)