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Neil Gaiman Couldn’t Resist Toying With A Troll Who Believes ‘The Sandman’ Got Cancelled

Neil Gaiman is currently riding high regarding news about The Sandman‘s renewal on Netflix. He’s previously shown that he quite enjoys dealing with trolls with one practical strategy: “Keep them talking until sunrise.” God only knows that Neil has gotten enough practice lately, since he already had to tell anti-wokers that he didn’t write Amazon’s Lord of the Rings.

In addition, Gaiman began the Netflix The Sandman saga by saying that he gave no f*cks about the minuscule backlash over diverse casting on the show. And whaddya know, the series is a momentous success, particularly (and I am partial here) when it comes to the Death character (portrayed by Kirby Howell-Baptiste), who so warmly bounces off Tom Sturridge’s Dream. Did we mention that the show sat atop the global streaming charts for several weeks? It did, but Neil needed to deal with another troll, who is apparently so happy at the prospect of this show going down the tubes.

The person did not enjoy the battle between Lucifer and Morpheus and all the so-called “agenda” stuff. From there, they unoriginally declared, “[S]o that’s why it will get cancelled! Go Woke Go Broke! AMEN!”

To which Neil tweeted, “I’m sorry. I drifted off. Did Sandman get cancelled, then?”

Gotta love it. Also, there’s this: The Sandman has been renewed for Season 2.