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Thalia Wants You To Embrace Your Inner ‘Psycho B**ch’ In Her Dazzling Disco Video

Thalia is getting back into the groove with her new music video for “Psycho B**ch.” In the disco-influenced video that was released today (November 4), the Mexican pop icon nods to iconic moments in her career while dancing into the future.

Thalia has over 30 years of hits that have helped push Mexican and Latin culture into the global spotlight. “Psycho B**ch” is her first taste of new music this year. With her comeback single, she wanted to make an empowering statement.

“This track is happy, uplifting, and very spicy,” Thalia told Uproxx. “To me, [Psycho B**ch] means someone who is out there, someone who does whatever they want, and they’re honest, and they’re real. It’s like embracing being a ‘Psycho B**ch.’”

In the fierce dance track, Thalia sings about a man who is driving her wild. He is in for a surprise when he sees how loca she can really get. In the sassy lyrics, Thalia references her classic songs from the nineties “Sudor” and “Saliva.” She brings the disco sound of the song to life in the dazzling video. When Thalia is not straddling a giant disco ball, she is grooving with her dancers who are dressed like the character from her 1995 video “Gracias a Dios.”

“Back then in [the ‘Gracias a Dios] video, that character, that Thalia who is singing that song was a little psycho,” Thalia said. “It’s validating that I always was and I always will be a little psycho b**ch. We want to applaud that history.”

“Psycho B**ch” will be leading to more new music from Thalia. She was recently spotted with Mexican pop star Kenia Os, so there could be a collaboration from them coming soon.

“She’s adorable!” Thalia said. “I love her! She’s super nice. We’re always chatting. Being in touch with new generations is so exciting. So invigorating. They have so many things to teach me and I think I have something to teach them.”

Thalia will host the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards alongside Anitta, Luis Fonsi, and Laura Pausini on November 17. In 2019, she was honored with the President’s Award from the Latin Recording Academy.