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A Guide To Getting The Right TV For You

We live in the age of streaming. From shows to movies, live sports to video games – any and everything can be enjoyed at home if you’ve got the right set-up. And sure, things like surround sound speakers and cloud storage, and next-gen consoles all factor into creating the perfect home entertainment system, but the most important weapon in your binge-watching, game-playing arsenal is always your TV. It’s where the action explodes in full color, where great stories are translated, where worlds are built, and rivalries are hosted. It’s where friends and family gather to make memories. It’s an oasis of solitude and the perfect party co-host.

It is, at the risk of sounding cheesy, where the magic happens. This is why cutting corners when it comes to finding the right TV for you just doesn’t make sense. So, what should you be looking for when it comes to selecting the best TV for your needs? We’ve got a few tips and a few purchase options courtesy of LG and Best Buy.

1. Size

Your screen size needs depend on a few things – the amount of space in whatever room you’re fitting it for, outside factors like the amount of light and noise it will have to filter, whether you’re buying for yourself or your family, etc. But a screen doesn’t need to span the entire length of your living room to be worth a look.

2. Features

Size isn’t all that matters. These days, a TV has more features than just a built-in speaker system and a smart remote. Picture quality, OLED and LED, streaming apps, voice-activated search, AI-powered picture toning, and multiple processing speeds are all on the table when it comes to the hottest TVs on the market and can be the difference between enjoying the latest episode of TV’s buzziest shows or being literally left in the dark. It’s important to consider the bells and whistles that can help separate a great TV from one that’s simply… fine.

3. You

The final thing to remember when looking to level up your entertainment set-up is, well, you. What do you really need from a new TV? Are you going to be using it to binge-watch streaming favorites or as the focal point when you invite friends over for a Friday night movie? Are you going to spend hours in front of your TV with a controller in your hand or watching football? Keeping your unique needs in mind when sifting through all of these cool features and cutting-edge tech can help to narrow down your options and ensure you walk away with a TV that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Here are a couple of options to get you started in your search, courtesy of LG and Best Buy.

LED TV Brilliance

The LG QNED 80UQA series spans multiple sizes including the sweeping 65″ model that brings the promise of Quantum Dot and NanoCell color technology. “Ok, cool,” you’re probably thinking. “What does that mean?” In short, it means richer, more accurate colors for a beautiful picture every time. Pair that vibrant 4K picture with an AI processor that automatically adjusts your screen to fit any kind of action — from the winning play during the big game to the breathtaking filmography of the latest award-winning blockbuster, and you’ve got a great option for movie lovers, gamers and sports fans.

It’s not just OLED. It’s LG OLED.

The LG OLED B2PUA series also comes in a variety of sizes including the powerful 55″ model. OLED represents the cutting edge when it comes to smart TVs because it uses self-lit pixels — unlike the standard LED tech found in most TVs right now — which guarantees infinite color contrast and perfect black. Why is that a big deal? Because dimly-lit scenes are going to be a thing of the past, which is good news for binge-watchers and game players alike. Speaking of, the combo of G-SYNC, FreeSync Premium, and VRR plus the LG Game Optimizer and multiple HDMI ports mean you’ll get to stay in the action as a gamer with lifelike play, access to a massive catalog of titles, and greater control over how you game.

Once again, these LG TVs can be found at your local Best Buy or by clicking these links to go directly to their product pages.