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Victor Wembanyama Did An Admirable James Harden Impression Despite Being A Foot Taller

One of the more fun genres of post in the basketball content world is “look at this insane thing Victor Wembanyama did.” Wembanyama, the favorite to go No. 1 overall in the 2023 NBA Draft, is a 7’4 French dude who has the skill set of a guard and also is capable of erasing shots near the rim. We have never seen anything quite like him, and the big man is considered the best prospect to enter the Draft since perhaps LeBron James.

We’ve seen plenty of fun stuff out of him, and on Friday afternoon, we got our latest glimpse into how he is capable of doing things that do not make sense. Metropolitans 92, Wemby’s squad, took on Limoges, and at one point, the 18-year-old was isolated on the perimeter against a defender. Instead of using his size to his advantage, well, get a load of this.

He goes between the legs five times in rapid succession to create some space, and then throws up this one-footed triple that does not even touch the rim. He is, depending on the source you’re citing, seven feet and four inches tall. This should look easy for, say, the 6’5 James Harden, not for a guy of Wembanyama’s size. Want another angle? Of course you do!

Wembanyama had 33 points and 12 rebounds in a 78-69 win.