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Gronk Couldn’t Resist A Joke About Zach Wilson’s Affair With His Mom’s Friend On Fox’s Pregame Show

Rob Gronkowski once again retired from football this offseason, a move not everyone anticipated would stick, assuming at some point he’d get the call from Tom Brady to come back. However, midway through the season and Gronk’s only responsibilities on Sunday continue to be his duties as an analyst on Fox, as he seems to have made the right decision on when to jump ship from the sinking Bucs.

On Sunday, Gronk joined the Fox NFL Kickoff crew for a game of “glass half-full or half-empty” to talk about some of the teams in the middle of the pack in the NFL. When it came time to talk about the Jets, Gronk got that little twinkle in his eye realizing he had a perfect opportunity for a one-liner, and decided to be an optimist with the Jets with the condition that “they can get [Zach Wilson]’s head in the playbook instead of outside at parent-teacher conferences.”

That was a not-so-subtle quip about Zach Wilson’s ex-girlfriend alleging this summer that Wilson slept with his mom’s best friend, which garnered plenty of attention while also being something most major NFL broadcasts have tried to avoid — just not Gronk. The best part is the reaction from the rest of the crew in the studio, as Charles Woodson has no idea what he’s talking about, Sean Payton can’t help but laugh, Michael Vick just wants to move on, and Charissa Thompson makes a quip of her own.