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Jimmy Kimmel Outed Dr. Oz For Declaring Himself To Be ‘Disgusted’ With Trump Before He Ran For Office

At this point, it should be no surprise that the public personas worn by celebrities and political candidates are drastically different from their real-life personalities. And yet, this story about Dr. Oz’s real feelings toward pal and political ally Donald Trump still managed to be shocking.

During the monologue for the latest episode of his late-night show, host Jimmy Kimmel regaled his audience with a story told to him by Mehemet Oz and his wife, Lisa, during a dinner party they both attended years earlier. According to Kimmel, this dinner took place around the time Trump was running for president, which is what prompted Oz to gossip about what a terrible human being the real estate tycoon was. Oz told Kimmel of an event he and his wife attended at Mar-a-Lago in which Trump, completely unprovoked, pushed an elderly woman into a pool in order to humiliate her in front of all of his guests. Apparently, the woman who Oz described as “glamourous” asked Trump how she looked and he responded by telling her she would “look better wet” before shoving her into the pool.

“He pushes this fully-dressed older lady into the pool and she’s humiliated,” Kimmel said. “Lisa Oz helped to get her out of the pool and warms her up and Trump just looked on and laughed like a maniac.”

But Trump behaving like an ass isn’t the surprising part of the story, it’s how disgusted Oz and his wife were with the future president who Oz has since aligned his run for office with.

Watch the full video below: