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ESPN Subjected The Monday Night Football Audience To A Shirtless Adam Schefter

Ever since having to get rid of their “Jacked Up!” segment because ESPN and the NFL have tried to not highlight hits that are causing brain injuries in recent years, ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown has ended with “C’mon Man!” where each of the analysts highlights their favorite blooper from the weekend that was in football (sometimes college, sometimes the NFL).

That has led to a number of bits in which they have Adam Schefter try his hand at replicating moments, which has included him doing a terrible Griddy that led to him tearing something in his knee. On Monday, we got something worse than Schefter’s Griddy presented to the national TV audience, as Robert Griffin III poked fun at the viral video of a shirtless Kirk Cousins dancing and wearing everyone’s chains on the Vikings plane after their win in Washington.

When they cut back to the field, we were greeted by a shirtless Schefter wearing glasses and bead necklaces, dancing like Cousins to the delight of RGIII and Booger — and the horror of Steve Young and everyone watching at home.

Did anyone ask for this? No. Did anyone want this? Also no. Did anyone enjoy this? At least a few people on the ESPN crew, but here we all are now having seen a shirtless Schefter dance and I can’t help but laugh imagining other leading newsbreaker types being asked to do this in their sport — for example, imagine if the NBA Countdown team tried to get Woj to take his shirt off and dance on television.