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When Will ‘Manifest’ Season Four Part Two Come Out?

Manifest returned last week for Season 4, Part I, and fans are already wondering when Part 2 will arrive to wrap up the series. That’s a few seasons ahead of showrunner Jeff Rake’s original plan, but hopefully, some actual answers will materialize, and we’ll find out why Flight 828 dropped off the radar in the first place. We’ve already met the new Cal, and hopefully, the finale will manage to save the world after Zeke sacrificed himself in the interest of saving Cal.

What does that do for a release date on the final batch of episodes? We must first acknowledge that Zeke’s departure opens the door (as sad is it is right now) for Michaela to come back together with former flame Jared. This seems inevitable, and hopefully, this will be handled respectfully. In the meantime, there’s the significance of the series’ so-called “Death Date” to consider. That’s the day when the passengers are foretold to collectively die via a prophecy. The day in question happens to be June 2, 2024, and although it seems unlikely that the show would adhere to the year, June 2, 2023 could be a winner.

This might seem a little silly to count on that day; however, Flight 828 originally came in for a landing on November 4, 2018, and Season 4 debuted on November 4, 2022. Never say never when it comes to pleasing fans with little bits and pieces of canon. Yes, I used the word “canon” while talking about Manifest. Hey, it’s all fiction, so we can lighten up.

Manifest is currently streaming 3 1/2 seasons on Netflix.