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Mike Lindell’s Live ‘Real-Time Crime’ Midterms Show Wound Up Derailed By Technical Snafus

For months MAGA Republicans have been playing Chicken Little with the Midterms. They still claim — absent of anything approaching hard evidence — the 2020 election was stolen, at least from Donald Trump. Heading into this year’s elections, they prepared themselves, announcing they were ready to call out voter fraud, at least if they don’t win. But when maybe the most prominent election denier — who’s not a certain former president, that is — tried to do live election policing, he ran into some IT issues.

As per The Daily Beast, Mike Lindell — the pillow salesman who’s spent the last two years torching a fortune spewing incoherent nonsense — hoped to hold a “real-time crime” livestream show as the results poured in. Alas, everything went sideways, at least from a technical end. As the evening progressed, his Frank Speech site kept crashing, displaying one of those “1020 Access Denied” messages.

During the show, Lindell tried to address the problems, but sounded like an aging professor fumbling with YouTube. “I didn’t expect—I thought we were immune to sabotage, but I guess not…the app is not working!” he spluttered to whoever was watching him.

At other times, he struggled to get working audio from his fellow voter fraud sleuths, among them Nixon tattoo enthusiast Roger Stone. “On my end, the feed is terrible,” Lindell fumed at one point. “I couldn’t hear anything!”

Lindell has been in rare form in the lead-up to the election, even for him. He vowed that he had “cyber guys” who can see “inside” the voting machines, which definitely doesn’t sound illegal (or impossible).

(Via The Daily Beast)