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Aaron Carter Was Working On A Vulnerable Memoir Before His Death And It’s Coming Out Soon

A few days ago, Aaron Carter passed away at 34 years old. Before his death, he was working on a memoir, which, despite being incomplete, is set to come out soon (as Billboard reports).

The book is titled Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story Of An Incomplete Life and comes from over three years of interviews between Carter and author Andy Symonds.

In a statement, Symonds said, “Aaron was an open book during the writing process. It’s a tragic irony that his autobiography will never include all his stories, thoughts, hopes, and dreams as he intended.” Publisher Ballast Books also noted in a statement, “In the book, Aaron is honest, funny, irreverent, and self-aware with amazing recall about the stories that shaped a childhood star into a troubled but talented adult.”

The book touches on various topics, including how making beats saved Carter’s life when he was at low points. He told Symonds, “I was always suicidal, especially through those years. I never attempted suicide but never had anyone to talk to about it. But I knew I loved life too much to actually do it. Hopefully I won’t do it. Having lost my own family, I want to have my own. That’s the best feeling.”