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Alex Lahey Vents Her Suspicions On ‘Sh*t Talkin’,’ A Rocking And Melodic New Single

Alex Lahey has been busy turning unfortunate events into relatable anthems. The Australian indie-rocker treated us to “Congratulations” in September, a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek farewell. “Two of my exes got engaged within an improbably short space of time of one another,” Lahey said about the song. “What are the odds?”

With today’s (November 10) “Sh*t Talkin’,” Lahey is contemplating the odds that people are doing exactly that behind her back.

The melodic, uptempo single finds Lahey sizing up her social interactions with a healthy dose of cynicism and suspicion — weighing how much of herself to share with people just in case her vulnerability be used against her. “Maybe they’re just racking up / All the ways that I f*cked up,” she sings. “I bet you when you’re on their own / They’re sh*t talkin’ all the way home.” By the of the song, she’s still isn’t definitively sure if putting herself out there is worth it: “Next time maybe I’ll stay home / I do better on my own / Puts me in an awful mood / To test my social aptitude.”

Fittingly, Lahey celebrated the release of “Sh*t Talkin’” by posting Instagram selfies with her cats.

Listen to “Sh*t Talkin’” above.