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Marco Rubio Is Out There Admitting That Republicans Are Unpopular, And It’s A ‘Miracle’ That They Win Elections

Marco Rubio stopped by Sean Hannity’s show on Wednesday night to talk about the midterm election results. Despite the lack of a Republican “red wave,” Rubio and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis were both big winners with the latter garnering a significant amount of support to claim the top of the Republican ticket in 2024 instead of Donald Trump, who’s getting alive right now.

However, Rubio wasn’t there to talk about the upcoming presidential showdown. Instead, he explained to Hannity that his reelection signified a groundswell of support from “common sense” Hispanic voters in Florida. Rubio then warned that he’s concerned with the rest of the country because Joe Biden and the Democrats are holding up the midterm results as a “license to go out and be crazier than they’ve ever been” because they didn’t get “wiped out.”

According to Rubio, the Democrats are going to be even more “radical” because they think that’s what the country wants. Except the Florida Senator inadvertently supported that argument by essentially admitting that Republicans are wildly unpopular with voters.

Via Andrew Lawrence on Twitter:

But I think we also have to understand something. I mean, literally everything in our society and cultures align against Republicans. It’s a miracle Republicans win anywhere. Virtually every major television and media outlet in America is against us, all the celebrities, all the movie actors. You name it.

So, basically, Democrats shouldn’t look at the midterm results as proof that their policies are want America wants, but at the same time, most of America doesn’t want what Republicans are selling, and it’s really hard for them to win because of it.

Nothing contradictory there, Marco!

(Via Fox News, Andrew Lawrence on Twitter)