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The Indie Horror ‘A Wounded Fawn’ Trailer Looks Surreal And Shocking

Yes. That’s the stuff.

Fresh off a dynamite run with Girl on the Third Floor and Jakob’s Wife, writer/director Travis Stevens has returned with a strange trip into haunting art and the most dangerous game. A Wounded Fawn earned solid praise during runs at Tribeca and Fantastic Fest, delivering a giallo-loving riff on serial killer shenanigans and trippy high art visuals.

The movie focuses on said serial killer, an effete culture hound called Bruce (Josh Ruben), bringing abusive relationship survivor Meredith (Sarah Lind) to his swanky cabin in the woods with the intention of killing her like all the rest. As it turns out, even though he has a hallucinated blood red owl on his side, the task is harder than he planned. What results is a cat-and-also-cat sprint headlong through surreal tricks of the mind and a slew of classic horror homage. Just for good measure, it includes some riffs on Greek mythology and whatever that creepy masked thing with the yellow snake is up to.

It looks like Beyond the Black Rainbow got shoved into a cabin at Camp Crystal Lake, and it drips maddeningly onto Shudder on December 1st to watch with a loved one or blind date.