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Mike Pereira Licked His Lips In A Way That Made It Seem Like He Forgot He Was On Camera During Bucs-Seahawks

The NFL. made its debut in Germany on Sunday, as the Bucs and Seahawks played in Munich with Tom Brady and Tampa earning a 21-16 win to move back to .500 on the season.

After a sleepy start, the fans in Germany were treated to some fireworks in the second half, with some impressive touchdown drives from both teams, a mind-numbing playcall from the Bucs where they tried to throw a fade to Tom Brady that resulted in a pick, and some late drama after Seattle clawed to within five late.

On the last touchdown of the game, where Geno Smith threw a dime to Marquise Goodwin in the corner of the end zone on 4th and 1, the NFL Network crew called in Mike Pereira, who FOX loaned for rules questions for the game, to discuss whether Goodwin controlled the ball through the ground. Mike showed the angle that proved he clearly did and then figured his job was done, but forgot he was still on camera as he looked at something off to his right that, uh, got his attention.

Look, I’m not sure what Mike saw over there but whatever it was he was very excited about it, to say the least, licking his lips and walking off screen like cartoon character that just caught a whiff of a pie left on a windowsill. I can’t speculate on exactly what was over there, but Mike might want to double check that he’s no longer on a split screen before letting his attention wander.