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RG3 Did Not Enjoy Watching A Nebraska Player Try To Hurdle Someone And Take A Helmet To The Nuts

A good hurdle is one of the most aesthetically pleasing things in all of football. Think, for example, about all the times you have seen Saquon Barkley jump over another human, clear them, land on his feet, and perhaps pick up a few more yards. It looks cool every single time and is one of the more impressive things you will see someone do on the gridiron.

There are, of course, reasons why we don’t see this more often. The obvious one is that the athleticism, jumping ability, and anticipation that is required to pull this off is incredibly difficult. The less obvious one, however, is that if you mess up any part of this, something is going to happen that probably hurts extremely bad.

Here is an example of that from Michigan’s game against Nebraska on Saturday. Huskers receiver Alante Brown caught a pass and attempted to go up and over Mike Sainristil, a defensive back for the Wolverines. That didn’t quite happen, because instead, Sainristil’s helmet made contact with … well, you clicked on the post, you can probably figure out what happened here.

“OH, HE HIT HIM RIGHT IN THE GOONS,” former Heisman Trophy winner and current ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III said. He then said it “did not look like it felt good,” which is an understatement.