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Nas’ Calabasas Home Was Burglarized The Night After His New Album Was Released And Thieves Left With A Haul

Over the weekend, while Nas was in New York celebrating the release of his latest project, King’s Disease 3, the rapper’s Calabasas home was broken into.

TMZ reports that two men broke into the Brooklyn rapper’s home on Saturday around 8:30 that evening. Ring camera footage recovered from Nas’s house showed two men smashing a rear door to gain entry. Luckily, the rapper nor anyone else was present in the home. After being notified about the robbery via the camera system, the authorities were alerted by Nas and his team.

Unfortunately, by the time the police arrived, the two thieves were long gone — taking with them at least two bags of unknown items and tearing the rapper’s home apart, TMZ reported. It’s still unclear what exactly has been taken or how much the mysterious things could be worth.

To date, Nas has yet to return to his home and has not publicly spoken about the incident. Still, presumably, he will head back to California soon to help give the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department an idea of what they could be looking for.

It’s been less than a week since Nas dropped his third collaborative album with Hit-Boy, King’s Disease 3. The rapper plans to celebrate the culmination of the three projects at a one-night show at the legendary Madison Square Garden in February 2023.