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‘The View’ Roasted Tiffany Trump’s Wedding For Seeming More Like A ‘MAGA Funeral’

Tiffany Trump couldn’t have picked a worse wedding date. Not only did her father’s Mar-a-Lago resort get pummeled by Hurricane Nicole, but the former president was in a foul mood coming off the midterm elections. After the Republicans failed to produce a “red wave,” Donald Trump‘s standing in the party descended into doubt as even Fox News questioned whether he should run for president in 2024. These were not the ideal conditions for a wedding ceremony, and The View had a field day with the whole thing.

The panel immediately kicked things off by jumping on Ivanka Trump for possibly cropping Kimberly Guilfoyle out of a photo that she posted to Instagram. Even though Ivanka later posted the full photo in an Instagram story, according to Daily Mail, it’s easy to poke fun at the situation.

Via Mediaite, here’s what The View had to say in response:

“Well, I stand with Ivanka on this. Kimberly didn’t understand the assignment. It’s a Florida wedding in November,” said [Alyssa Farah] Griffin. “All the women clearly knew what the palette was, what the look was, and she was dressed like she was going to, like, a MAGA funeral or something. I’m going to be honest. I probably would have cropped her too.”

However, seeing an opening, co-host Ana Navarro came to Guilfoyle’s defense. Although, in a deliciously backhanded way.

“Maybe it’s completely the opposite,” Navarro said. “Maybe she did get the assignment because it was a MAGA funeral.”

In fairness, the event wasn’t exactly jovial, and it’s hard to pinpoint who was the bigger cloud over the ceremony: the hurricane or Donald Trump. According to the New York Post, the former president was “grumpy and unhappy” at the rehearsal dinner because his political rival Ron DeSantis came out of the midterms looking like a winner.

“He’s in a bad mood,” a source at Tiffany’s rehearsal told the Post.

(Via Mediaite)