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Vladimir Putin Has Expanded His Draft, But Wealthy Russians Are Finding A Loophole, Of Course

Vladimir Putin’s senseless Ukraine war continues, even though it’s not continuing too well for him. The Russian president’s finally lost the backing of one of his biggest allies, and Putin cannot keep the battlefields going while running companies at abysmally low levels. This is good news for Ukraine, obviously, since they’ve been snatching up abandoned Russian tanks. However, elite Russian soldiers have had it with being used as “cannon fodder,” so Putin’s expanding his already expansive draft.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Putin has added dual Russian citizens to those eligible to be called up for fighting. This means that Steven Seagal is eligible as well as Edward Snowden, which cannot be an enjoyable revelation for the latter after all those jokes. However, any dual citizens that happen to also be wealthy will likely breathe easy. It should come as no surprise that those with means are able to altogether avoid Putin’s draft because, as Fox News reveals (via Bloomberg), Granada is here for those with open wallets:

Wealthy Russians have increasingly been attempting to avoid being drafted into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine by applying for citizenship in the Caribbean nation of Grenada.

Russians with the financial means to do so have been applying for citizenship in Grenada through an investment initiative that allows an applicant to receive a passport to the country for a minimum investment of $150,000 or a government approved real estate purchase at a cost of $350,000, Bloomberg reported.

This passport also allows for Russians to head to the U.S. without much sweat at all, and as Bloomberg reports, Grenada is reaping the financial benefits. Back in June, they lifted their ban on Russian’s applying for Grenadian citizenship, but now, the money is flowing. Putin cannot be thrilled, but then again, he’s awfully busy fretting about other things at the moment.

(Via Wall Street Journal, Fox News & Bloomberg)