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Holy Crap, So Many People Watched The Season 5 Premiere Of ‘Yellowstone’

Have you heard of this show Yellowstone? It’s got Kevin Costner as the owner of a really big and very profitable ranch in Montana. It’s pretty popular. How popular is it? It’s inspired multiple spinoffs, including a forthcoming one with no less than Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren. It’s also so popular that its latest premiere broke viewership records for a show that is already watched by just about every boomer.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Season 5 kicked off not with a whimper but with a bang. During its live airing on the Paramount Network, the neo-Western pulled in 8.8 million viewers. But this is the future, so that was only the start. When you throw in simulcast airings on stations like CMT, TV, and Pop, the number balloons to 10.3 million. Add encore telecasts, and it goes up to 12.1 million, encompassing all live-plus-same-day viewers.

For context, the show’s Season 4 finale “only” scored 9.3 million live-plus-same-day viewers, and 11 million when you add simulcast airings. Indeed, it’s the biggest viewership Yellowstone has ever gotten.

Creator Taylor Sheridan is doing pretty well for himself. He even has another Paramount show, Tulsa King, which unleashes Sylvester Stallone upon the south. Sheridan recently addressed one minor controversy, if you can even call it that, laughing off claims that it’s the “Red State Game of Thrones.” Anyway, good news for an already popular program. Maybe you should check it out.

(Via EW)