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Jimmy Fallon Would Really Like Elon Musk To Do Something About The #RIPJimmyFallon Hashtag

Taylor Swift and Ticketmaster is so yesterday. The top trending topic on Twitter today is #RIPJimmyFallon.

No, The Tonight Show host isn’t dead — unlike his film career after the one-two punch (to the groin) of Taxi and Fever Pitch — but that hashtag has been all over Twitter since last night. A tweet reading, “Gone but not forgotten. Rest easy king Sept 19, 1974 – Nov 15, 2022 #RIPJimmyFallon,” along with a photo of James Corden, may have kickstarted the Paul Is Dead-esque rumor, which has made its way to Fallon himself.

“Elon, can you fix this? #RIPJimmyFallon,” Fallon tweeted. Elon Musk, who should probably be focused on more important things than replying to the guy who sang “Idiot Boyfriend,” wrote back, “Fix what?” That’s a good motto for Twitter in the Elon era.

Around the same time that Fallon fired off his tweet, Musk sent an email to Twitter employees demanding that they make the social media platform “extremely hardcore,” whatever that means, or else they’re fired.

Elon Musk has given employees until Thursday evening to commit to “extremely hardcore” work or else leave the company, according to a copy of a late-night internal email… In the memo, Musk goes on to outline how Twitter will be “much more engineering-driven” and then gives staff an ultimatum. “If you are sure that you want to be part of the new Twitter, please click yes on the link below,” directing staff to what appears to be an online form.

Fallon shouldn’t worry about Musk fixing the hashtag. Twitter might not exist next week.

(Via CNN)