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Neil Gaiman Addressed Whether He Would Have Cast David Bowie In A Key ‘The Sandman’ Role

The Sandman fans can officially look forward to a Season 2 on Netflix. The buildup will undoubtedly include speculation about who the hell might play Delirium while trolls are still hung up on the “woke” casting of Season 1. Neil is still firing back at those weirdos because they almost certainly don’t realize that the comic was “woke” long before woke was a thing. Yet diverse casting can really get people steamed, and they won’t even dare to admit that not making Death a perky goth girl worked so incredibly well for “The Sound Of Her Wings” as a live-action story.

It’s time to discuss other casting matters, though, which fortunately happened during a new Inverse interview with Neil. As fans already know, Gwendoline Christie does the most regal version of Gaiman’s Lucifer Morningstar on record (Michael Sheen, who does the character on Audible, will probably not be upset about this observation), but the comic book character was actually based upon David Bowie’s likeness. So, that’s a perfect opportunity for Inverse to ask whether a still-alive Bowie would have been a contender, and Gaiman was happy to answer:

“I wouldn’t have cast David Bowie as he was before he died, because the whole idea was that Lucifer is meant to look like a beautiful angel. I absolutely would have cast David Bowie if we had a time machine and a cloning device and we could have had David at any time between his 20th birthday and let’s say his 50th birthday, and I would have done the casting then. But, I suspect that David might well have been keen seeing Gwendoline play the part because he was somebody who was asked who he’d like to portray him in a biopic and his answer was Tilda Swinton. So he probably would have loved to have seen Gwendoline.”

I gotta agree that I can’t see anyone pulling off the character in this production like Gwendoline did. And I love hearing niche fan questions like this one, and the one about Neil revealing what would happen if a werewolf bit a goldfish. Neil has good questions, too. Just ask George R.R. Martin.

(Via Inverse)