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There’s A Trailer For Howard Stern’s Bruce Springsteen Interview Because It Deserves A Trailer

It’s rare that an interview becomes an event worthy of a teaser trailer, but if HBO wants to entice everyone to watch The Howard Stern Interview: Bruce Springsteen (yes, it has a formal title), then they’re more than welcome to. The Boss has been in residency at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — another thing only he could do — promoting his new album of soul music covers and generally having a blast. Springsteen is living his best life.

Following that takeover of Jimmy Fallon’s show, his interview with Stern will hit HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, November 27.

According to the official synopsis, “the interview features over two hours of intimate, in-depth conversation between Howard Stern and Bruce Springsteen, taking a candid look at Springsteen’s musical, professional and personal journey. The interview features several in-studio performances on acoustic guitar and piano, with Springsteen explaining the genesis behind many of his most beloved hits including, ‘Thunder Road,’ ‘The Rising,’ ‘Born to Run,’ and many more. They also discuss Springsteen’s new studio album Only The Strong Survive, a collection of 15 soul music gems recently released by Columbia Records. The interview, which aired live on SiriusXM’s Howard 100, took place at Howard Stern’s SiriusXM Studio in New York on October 31, 2022.”

Now that’s worthy of a trailer. It also made Stern cry on air, which isn’t easy to do without a Sybian.