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Jimmy Kimmel Has A Theory That ‘Goblin’ Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Angling To Become Trump’s 2024 Running Mate

If four more years of Donald Trump as president is the most terrifying thing you can possibly imagine, Jimmy Kimmel is here to up the ante: Picture four more years of Trump with kooky, crazy-eyed Marjorie Taylor Greene — who has randomly started appointing herself to committees — as his vice president.

Yes, that is the sound of millions of Americans screaming at the very top of their lungs simultaneously.

Fortunately, it’s just a theory — at least for now — but Kimmel raised the heart rates of practically all his viewers on Wednesday night when he suggested that the conspiracy theory-loving Georgia congresswoman’s obnoxious attempts to very publicly kiss Trump’s dumpy ass could all be in the name of securing the second most powerful position in the country.

Even before Trump officially announced his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, many of his former accomplices were making their allegiances known — and not all of them were with their former boss. According to Kimmel, among those who seem to be bailing on the twice-impeached former president are his daughter Ivanka and even wife Melania, who was spotted entering Trump Tower in Manhattan just hours after her husband’s big announcement. “But there are still plenty of swamp creatures onboard for round two,” said Kimmel. “Trump picked up a key endorsement… before he even threw his wig in the ring.”

That show of solidarity, of course, came from none other than Greene, Miss Jewish Space Lasers herself, who was happy to confirm that “President Trump has my FULL endorsement and my support as our Republican nominee in 2024.”

We should probably all wait and make sure he’s not indicted first, but Kimmel went along with it:

Ok, so he’s got one vote. I think I know why she’s doing this: We know Mike Pence isn’t going to be running mate again. His own vice president won’t even endorse Trump; Pence says he thinks Republicans have better choices. So maybe this goblin named Marjorie Taylor Greene is hoping she gets the nod!

Kimmel even went so far as to mock up a possible ad campaign for Marge, highlighting the many things she has in common with Trump — including a frighteningly weak grasp on both reality and the English language.

You can watch the clip above, beginning around the 8:00 mark.