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‘Wakanda Forever’ Has Already Crossed $400 Million Worldwide At The Box Office

There was little doubt that Black Panther: Wakanda Forever was going to own the box office, but it’s proving itself to be a genuine dynamo. Despite only being the second-biggest debut on the national chart (behind Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), the return to Wakanda has already scored $400 million in global sales as it approaches its second weekend in theaters and has the killing field of Thanksgiving to propel it even further, even faster. The Hollywood Reporter projects that it should make around $70 million more domestically through this weekend, topping $550 million globally by the end of Sunday.

Eleven days to make half a billion dollars? Astonishing.

To put it in perspective, Wakanda Forever is already in the top 50 superhero movies all time for total domestic box office in less than a week. If it muscles through December into the holiday season, it could potentially see a billion in its future. That’s also considering the fun caveat that the Marvel film directed by Ryan Coogler didn’t (and won’t) screen in China where it could have potentially made eleventy more billion dollars.

It’s also achieved another feat close to Kevin Feige’s heart: successfully planting the seeds for the Disney+ series Ironheart which debuts next Fall.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)