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Megyn Kelly Fell Asleep During Trump’s ‘Low Energy’ 2024 Campaign Announcement

In yet another sign that Donald Trump‘s 2024 campaign announcement is not going over well in Republican corners, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly admitted that the event put her to sleep. During the latest episode of her podcast, Kelly revealed that she was kind of surprised at how “low energy” Trump seemed compared to his usual rallies. Interestingly, that’s the same phrase that Meghan McCain used when she eviscerated Trump for still making the announcement despite the dismal midterm election results.

As for Kelly, she was considerably less pointed, but still underwhelmed. Via Mediaite:

“I’ll just give you my sort of back of the envelope reaction to Trump last night. I was looking forward to watching it. I — you know, Trump never disappoints, but he kind of did disappoint a little last night,” she said.

“Not to be too hard on him, but I know he was trying to do presidential and he was trying to not screw anything up for Herschel Walker, but he did seem a little low energy,” Kelly added.

Kelly went on to admit that she started dozing off as the speech dragged on.

“I was slightly bored, I’m not gonna lie,” Kelly said. “I did fall asleep before the end of the hour. Now I’m getting old and my kids wake me up early. But I did doze off and that’s just unprecedented for a Trump rally.”

When she asked Trump senior adviser Jason Miller why the former president was noticeably subdued, Miller said that Trump wanted to “clearly state his platform and his decision to run,” which would be a first. Usually, there’s lots of yelling about the 2020 election being stolen along with insults. Although, Trump is also falling behind in that area, too.

“Ron DeSanctimonious?” Not your best work, bud.

(Via Mediaite)