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There’s A Pretty Bizarre Reason Jair Bolsonaro Has Been AWOL Since Losing Reelection: He ‘Can’t Wear Pants’

It’s been a bad time for far right politicians. The Republicans’ promised/threatened “red wave” failed to coalesce. Trump’s third presidential campaign got off to an inauspicious, boring start. There was a warning sign for the GOP downfall, and they came from Brazil: The week before America’s midterms, Jair Bolsonaro — the nation’s stereoidal version of Trump — lost re-election. Unlike Trump (or sore loser Kari Lake), he hasn’t really contested the results. He’s hasn’t even been seen. And there’s a good, strange reason for that.

As per Insider, Bolsonaro has been holed up in his official residence because, as Vice President Hamilton Mourao rcently told the newspaper O Globo, he “can’t wear pants.”

Why can’t Bolsonaro wear pants? Because he’s suffering from erysipelas, a skin infection, which has glommed onto his leg. As per Medical News Today, the disease is caused by bacteria that seeps into one’s body through poorly healed wounds. (What happened there remains to be made public.) Some symptoms of erysipelas include skin. Made swollen, shiny, and red, as well as sensitive to the touch.

But couldn’t Bolsonaro simply wear something else, something more revealing? Apparently not. “It is a health issue. He has a leg injury, a skin infection,” Mourao said .”He cannot wear pants. You want him to come here wearing shorts?”

Bolsonaro lost to Luiz Inácio Lula de Silva, who was Brazil’s president from 2003 through 2010. It was a tight race, and though there were fears Bolsonaro would pull a Trump and pull a Jan. 6, he has not (yet). Perhaps he realizes it’s hard to foment an insurgency in shorts.

During his reign, Bolsonaro was a wild card terror, even threatening the planet by opening up the Amazon Basin to deforestation. He was praised by Tucker Carlson and got into fights with Leonardo DiCaprio. And now he can’t wear pants.

(Via Insider)