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Pod Yourself The Wire 11: ‘The Hunt,’ With Ben Flores

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“Over the last 20 years, the goalposts for what is copaganda have moved.” –Ben Flores

As many of you know, our beloved piggy wrangling, bum lumming host is a father now, and the recording of this episode of the pod took place in the days immediately following the birth of Matt’s first child. Filling in as co-host is Pod Yourself The Wire producer, comedian, and writer of these descriptions, Brent Flyberg. Joining Matt and Brent is writer and humorist from the Please Save Me podcast, Ben Flores to talk about The Wire season one episode 11, “The Hunt.”

In the aftermath of the buy-bust gone wrong that left Kima leaking from some bullet holes, The Barksdales look to clean up their mess while the Baltimore Police Department looks sort of competent for once. Considering the episode revolves around the uncertain future of one of the series’s more likable characters, it’s a surprisingly funny episode. Even Wee Bey is so charming you have to remind yourself that he’s a bad man even by the standards of The Wire. He makes the meme face we all love!

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-Description by Brent Flyberg