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Pod Yourself The Wire 12: ‘Cleaning Up,’ With MMA Writer Ben Fowlkes

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“I once dated a woman who compared me, not entirely unfavorably, to McNulty, and you know what? It was kind of a wake up call.” -Ben Fowlkes

Making his debut on Pod Yourself The Wire is writer and podcaster from the Co-Main Event podcast, Ben Fowlkes, who joins Vince and Brent (still filling in for Matt even though his kid is like four-weeks-old which is old enough to get a job damn cut the cord already, Matt) to talk about The Wire season one episode 12, “Cleaning Up.”

Featuring one of The Wire’s most memorable scenes, what you might not remember about this episode, if you’ve already watched the series, is that Lester really walks a fine line between smooth older man and total creep taking advantage of a terrified young confidential informant. If learning how a beautiful woman likes her coffee and then reminding her of your military service were a crime, Lester would still not be in jail because cops look out for each other.

What you probably remember is the end of young Michael B. Jordan’s character, Wallace. He wasn’t cut out for the game. His heart did pump Kool-aid after all. RIP Wallace and RIP the uneaten hot dogs Poot, Bodie, and Wallace leave on the table just before the murder. Neither Wallace nor the dogs got to reach their full potential, but the game is the game.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg