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Ryan Reynolds Helped Write A ‘Deadpool’ Christmas Movie That Still Hasn’t Been Made

Ryan Reynolds has a new Christmas movie out this Thanksgiving: Spirited, a comic riff on A Christmas Carol, playing a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge type beset upon by Will Ferrell’s Ghost of Christmas Past. (It’s also 127 minutes long.) Turns out it’s not the only Yuletide picture he’s been interested in. In a new interview with Big Issue, the actor reveals he’s been trying to make one about arguably his most popular character, somehow to no avail.

Saying he’d love to see a “song-and-dance number in a Deadpool movie,” Reynolds then dropped a mini-bombshell: “Four years ago, Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick and I wrote a Christmas movie starring Deadpool. But it got lost in the shuffle of Disney acquiring Fox and it never got made.”

But he hadn’t given up on it. “Maybe one day we’ll get to make that movie,” he said. “It’s not a musical, but it’s a full Deadpool Christmas movie. So one day.”

Even though it’s not a musical, maybe it should be. If it was, Reynolds would help him step up his fake beef with Broadway and Les Misérables movie star Hugh Jackman, who of course is reuniting with him for the non-Christmasy Deadpool 3. Besides, it’s been a while since a franchise unleashed a Christmas edition — maybe since A Bad Mom’s Christmas, which followed A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas. It’s time.

(Via Big Issue)