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Please Enjoy Election Night Legend Steve Kornacki Using His Big Board To Break Down Popular Dog Breeds And Names For Your Post-Thanksgiving Entertainment

Election Night 2022 may be over, but NBC Sports gave political correspondent — and analytical legend — Steve Kornacki a good reason to dust off his khakis once again: Dogs!

As Digg spotted, Kornacki broke out his beloved Big Board to break down some of the most interesting findings related to the National Dog Show, which airs each year on Thanksgiving and this year was ruled by a French bulldog named Winston. That French bulldogs are the second most popular dog breed in America — just behind the Labrador Retriever, which has held the top spot for 31 years straight — are just some of the many facts Kornacki trotted out about our canine companions with no less of the enthusiasm he has for all things political.

The “big surprise,” according to Kornacki, was that the Standard Poodle is now the fifth most popular dog breed in the country — marking the first time in 25 years that the fancy-haired pup has cracked the top five, knocking out the Bulldog. “The Bulldog had been in the top five for two decades,” the stats daddy enthused, “but the Standard Poodle has bumped the Bulldog in terms of popularity.”

Kornacki went on to break down which cities you’re most likely to see these most popular breeds, and extrapolate the reasons why — though Cleveland’s favorite dog seemed to stump him. “I’m not sure why exactly, but in Cleveland the Labrador Retriever [is] the most popular dog,” he said.

Kornacki’s “favorite” part of the stats, for some reason, was a breakdown of the most popular dog names in the country, with Max and Luna dominating for male and female pups, respectively. As Teddy and Bear took the fourth and fifth most popular spots for male dogs, Kornacki guessed that this could be “people getting dogs in pairs and naming one Teddy and one Bear.” Is he correct? Who knows! Who cares!?

He also shared that in New York City alone, there are more than 5,500 dogs named Bella and more than 4,800 Maxes. “So go to a dog park in New York City, shout out one of those names, and prepare to be swarmed,” Kornacki gleefully suggested. (We would not recommend doing that.)

You can watch the full video above.

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