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Chlöe Shared A New Song Called ‘Hidin” After It Leaked Onto The Internet

This Thanksgiving season, Chlöe has gifted fans with new music. Yesterday, she took to Soundcloud to share a new song called “Hidin’.”

On the dreamy track, she is fed up with a man not reciprocating her energy and warns him that she’s not going to continue to

“Stop hidin’ / What you gotta lose with me? / Don’t fight it / Drop all of your hoes for me / Don’t deny it / We got a lot of chemistry / Stop hidin’ / ‘Cause I just wanna love you, please,” she sings on the song’s chorus.

Chlöe revealed on Twitter that she first wrote the song in April of last year. She also noted that the song won’t be on her upcoming album.

“whew y’all had me scared, that leak is 2 years old,” she said. “I was scared thinking it was something that made the album.”

She decided to post the track after a version of the song had leaked onto the internet earIier in the week, though she was surprised by the leak, as she recorded and produced the track in her home studio.

“whoever leaked it though [four middle-finger emojis],” she said. “this is why i don’t send my music around. idk how because i cut the vox myself at home smh.”

Check out “Hidin’” above.