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Clemson Tried Something Very Unnecessary On A Kickoff Return That Ended In A Fumble

Many of the rivalry games that happen in college football’s final full week or the regular season involve conference foes going head-to-head. One of the exceptions to this occurs in the great state of South Carolina, where the Clemson Tigers and the South Carolina Gamecocks take the field at the end of every regular season.

You know how weird stuff can happen in rivalry games? Well, we got that in a big way thanks to … whatever this is by the Tigers. A South Carolina offensive possession ended with a safety, which meant Clemson was slated to get the ball back. On the ensuing kickoff by the Gamecocks, the Tigers’ return man brought the ball into a huddle with a few of his teammates, hoping that they’d be able to hand it to someone and confuse South Carolina’s return team.

That did not happen. Phil Mafah was able to pick up a few yards on the return after everyone huddled up, but as Todd Blackledge pointed out, he was just a bit too loose with the football. So, when his arm went flying, so did the ball, and the Gamecocks were able to get it right back.

South Carolina’s offense would go on to score a few plays later.