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A Man Spent 15 Hours Floating In The Gulf Of Mexico After Falling Off A Cruise Ship And Somehow Survived

However tumultuous your Thanksgiving was, at you least you probably didn’t spend it treading water for hours. That’s what happened to someone who went on a cruise — only to find himself going overboard, not being rescued for some 15 hours.

As per 4WWL out of New Orleans, a 28-year-old man was reported missing Thursday morning after disappearing the night before. He had last been seen in a bar aboard a Carnival Cruise Line ship alongside his sister. He left around 11pm to use the bathroom. He did not return. Nor did he return to his stateroom that evening. By the morning, his sister alerted authorities that he’d gone missing.

Announcements and searches of the ship were in vain. By 2:30 Thanksgiving day, the United States Coast Guard sent out several ships. Six hours later, they found him floating in the water of the Gulf of Mexico, about 20 miles from land. He was alive but suffering from mild hypothermia, shock, and dehydration. He was hoisted out of the water and taken to awaiting medical personnel. As of Friday, his condition remained stable.

By the time he was found, the cruise ship had traveled some 200 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

Details about how he survived — how he managed to stay afloat for 15 hours — have not yet been made public. But it has the makings of a good spiritual sequel of sorts to 127 Hours.

(Via 4WWL)