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Austin Theory Won The US Title At WWE Survivor Series

Austin Theory is once again United States champion, pinning Seth Rollins and defeating Lashley along the way to the win at WWE Survivor Series from Boston.

An underdog in his showdown with Lashley and Rollins, the latter of whom was the defending champion, Theory was looking to turn the tide after failing to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase for Rollins’ United States championship just a few weeks ago.

The match saw Theory, Lashley, and Rollins each control moments throughout, with Lashley trying time after time to lock in the Hurt Lock, but Theory and Rollins doing their best to escape. Lashley attempted to lock in the Hurt Lock, but Theory countered it into a pinfall and Rollins broke it up with a frog splash.

After attempting to lock Theory and Rollins into a Hurt Lock at the same time, they backed Lashley into the corner to break up the submission attempt. Lashley then tried to spear Theory, who missed and ran into the corner. Rollins laid out Theory, then used his back for a super stomp.

Neither could take advantage, and later Rollins would lift Theory into the falcon arrow, when Lashley landed the spear on Rollins. Theory would fall from the suplex position and roll over into the pin for the victory.