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What Happened Between Saweetie And DJ Vlad?

After industry heavyweights such as Hitmaka and Sony Digital offered their thoughts regarding the low album sales of Saweetie‘s latest EP, The Single Life, YouTube personality DJ Vlad decided to chime in as well — only it didn’t go exactly as he planned.

The “Don’t Say Nuthin” rapper’s EP dropped on November 18 and reportedly only moved 2,000 unit equivalents in its first week of release. Many people faulted Saweetie’s team for not doing enough promotion and marketing, but others, including DJ Vlad, suggested that it’s the Bay Area rapper herself who is responsible.

The YouTube personality went on Twitter to share his thoughts regarding the situation late last week, writing, “If Saweetie did a VladTV interview, she would have easily done 10x her first week sales, which was 2000 copies,” said Vlad. “We actually reached out through one of our people and were told ‘she won’t do Vlad.’ Her loss.”

The Icy Girl wasted no time offering a response, revealing that she was actually a fan of VladTV, and even showed screenshots of episodes she had recorded on her phone.

“Actually, I been a big fan & have screen recorded my favorite episodes,” she wrote back on Twitter. “So if anyone ‘reached out’ it wasn’t to me or my team, Dj Vlad. Happy Thanksgiving.”

But the back and forth didn’t stop there.

DJ Vlad responded to Saweetie in a series of tweets, thanking her for her kind words but noted that when he reached out to her team, the rapper’s publicist turned him down. He followed that message up with a screenshot of a text message from Shirley Ju — a journalist who recently interviewed Saweetie — that read: “her publicist doesn’t like vlad. she told me she wouldn’t ever have her artists do it. i’m sorry.”

He later named the rapper’s publicist allegedly responsible, Warner Music’s Senior Vice President of Publicity Aishah White, before condemning label executives for “creating bad relationships with media outlets.”

The YouTube personality eventually apologized to the rapper, who has yet to respond directly. Saweetie did, however, send a cryptic tweet about a “hate parade.”

“hate parade… i must be that b*tch!!! ” she wrote.

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.