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Billie Eilish’s Least Favorite Song In Her Own Catalog Is One From Early In Her Career

Yesterday (November 28), Vanity Fair shared its sixth annual “same interview” with Billie Eilish. This time around, Eilish did something a little different: Early in the taping, she posted an Instagram Story asking her followers for questions. Later in the segment, Eilish scrolled through the many responses, was delighted by the quality of them, and answered a few.

At 11:56 into the video, she started with the question, “least favorite song of your own?” Eilish immediately answered with “Watch,” from her 2017 debut EP Don’t Smile At Me. As for her favorite show of her current tour, she took a second to think and answered, “Boston.” When asked how many songs she’s working on, she replied, “One, currently.”

Somebody asked for the year during which Eilish has experienced the most growth and she answered, “I’ve changed more from the beginning of this year until now than I have in the last, like, five years. I mean, honestly.” She also named her favorite band (“I think I gotta just say The Beatles”), revealed if she’s ever smoked weed (she hasn’t), if she wants to have kids (she does), and if she’s “truly happy” (“I think so”).

Check out the full Vanity Fair interview video above and listen to “Watch” below.