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Does Instafest Work With Apple Music?

It looks like Spotify Wrapped has some competition this year. In addition to the year-encompassing wrap-up for which Spotify has become even more notable recently, music fans can also turn to a revamped Apple Music Replay as well as another fun retrospective app called Instafest, which turns listeners’ most-streamed artists over the year into a personalized mock festival lineup they can share with their friends (it looks like a lot of us have been rocking out to sleep aids, though, which would make for a terrible concert experience).

However and unfortunately, the features mentioned above are all distinct from one another: Instafest is not your Spotify Wrapped, as it only lists your most-played artists, leaving out songs, albums, and other context — which can often help explain some of our odder listening habits. Sorry to Apple Music adherents, as well; Instafest does not work with Apple Music, as it requires inputting your Spotify account to generate its fake fests (which probably warrants a double apology to Tidal users, as it doesn’t seem they get to join any of the festivities).

Still, Apple Music has redesigned its Replay this year to more closely resemble the fun, shareable graphics from Spotify’s more popular function, so at least Apple users have something to show off for the final month of the year.